Say “goodbye” to clutter with these awesome closet organizing tips and tricks.

Add some drawers.

Need more storage space? Invest in a sturdy portable drawer set you can tuck under your hanging clothes to maximize space. Pro tip: mesh baskets make it easy to see the contents of your drawers and to find exactly what you’re looking for.

Invest in a hanging organizer.

For closets lacking shelf space, a hanging organizer can help you find a home for all of your hats, scarves, purses, or anything other accessories that needs a place to hang out.

EDCORBOGETTY IMAGES 2 OF 32 Stock up on storage baskets.

Rather than throwing things on shelves at random, add some storage baskets to keep your clothes and accessories organized. Plus, they will make your closet look much more put together. If you want some storage baskets with a little personality, Lovely Etc. can help you make your own fabric storage cubes.

Get your shoes off the floor.

Your shoes should have a proper place to rest in your closet, and no, that place should not be on the floor. Shoe racks take up very little space in your closet but make a major difference in keeping it tidy.


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